Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Our visit to Barbara Bush Children's Hospital

Today we made the 132 mile trek to Portland (Maine) visit at The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital.  This is our third time we have visited the hospital.

I got there a bit early, we were scheduled for 1pm and managed to arrived just after noon time.  I thought there might be some road construction delays but only ran into one.  So, since I was there, I unloaded R2 and we were given a spot near the Information Desk to set up.   

When R2 travels, I have the dome off, since having it on makes R2 top-heavy.  I prefer to have the dome wrapped up in a quilt and stowed in a large Rubbermaid tote.  I had just placed attached the dome and secured the power connection when folks started asking to pose and take pictures with R2.  No problem!

 Once R2 was buttoned up and set to go, we went upstairs to the pediatric floor.  The child life specialist, Sherisse, lead me to the day room where we gave R2 the customary disinfectant wipe down.

Wiped down and set to go!

As you can imagine, due to patient privacy, I didn't take any pictures of R2 with the patients.  I did, however, take some of the staff enjoying their time with R2.

Once our pediatric visits were done, we headed back to the lobby.  And, as is usual for R2, we quickly drew a crowd.  For the next hour R2 posed for pictures with numerous visitors, patients and staff.

R2-D2 getting the "Rock Star" treatment
 R2 held up great, no problems with the dome rotation since putting the Pittman motor back in, sporting the plastic sprocket.  The back panel is in need of some work as it isn't staying on as straight as I would like.  I think all the wear and tear has bent some of the edges slightly, so it doesn't sit flush.  I'll add that to my To Do List of tweaks.