Monday, August 26, 2013

Champion the Cure 2013

Champion The Cure 2013 was on August 17th.  R2-D2 and I couldn't attend last year since I tore apart the ligament in my hand (ulnar collateral ligament).  Fully healed, we were looking forward to being back this year.

The beauty of this event is how rapidly it has grown in size.  The amount raised doubled from last year to this year and the amount of participants has grown as well.  Awesome!

R2 and I arrived at 7am and the netbook battery, which produces all of R2's sounds and music, kept right on going for just over 3 hours.  We made a lot of new friends, met patients we have visited in the past as well as their friends and family.

Yours truly (me) controlling R2-D2

Making friends

They insisted R2-D2 go into the photobooth for pictures...

Navigating around the crowds

Mechanically, R2-D2 ran very well.  We had one scare, when an adult thought it would be "funny" to pour water on top of R2.  They could've encountered quite the electrical jolt!  I was simply stunned an adult would do this.  They were all smiles, thinking they had done something truly funny.  Meanwhile, I was wondering how much of that water made it down onto the expensive electronics inside.  I didn't let that one fool ruin the day.  But it just goes to show that when you take an expensive droid to a public event, you just never know what will happen.