Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bangor Housing Authority Summer Lunch Program

On Friday, R2-D2 and I were guests at the Summer Lunch Program at the Bangor Housing Authority's Davis Road location.  

We had a few complications with my 12 year old van (Honda Odyssey) but after a boost from AAA the night before and a night with R2's battery trickle charger, we were set to go when the time came to depart.

Once we got there and were all unloaded, we had another minor snafu.  No dome lights.  Dome power wasn't working.  (It later turned out to be a blown fuse in the fuse block, an easy repair.)

The kids were great and the staff had arranged the seating in the shape of a horse-shoe.  R2-D2 drove around, beeped, played music and demonstrated what it could do.  We did a Questions & Answer period, where the kids asked everything from "Can it fly?" to "Where's C3P-O?"

Here's some pictures, courtesy of the staff at BHA

Group superb hosts, Catherine, JoAnn, Me and R2