Thursday, June 21, 2012

Resin boosters painted now on to sorting it out

Remember that this resin booster rocket set up is a molded copy of the aluminum one.  That said, when the buyers received their aluminum pieces, everything bolted and screwed together with excellent instructions.

Well, now I have to identify each resin piece, figure out what size holes to drill, tap them to the appropriate thread size and see what will work in resin...and what will need to be fabricated to function.

Oh and did I mention its my "hope" to make this setup with servos and motors to open/close?  Why not go all out, right?

So here's the results of the paint job...

The next part is looking thru the many detailed drawings and begin sorting out what piece is what...

So after sifting through all the machine screws I am going to need, it was off to get what I could locally...and an order to McMaster-Carr.

Looks like more fun work ahead come the weekend