Thursday, June 21, 2012

Painting the resin booster rockets

Today it was time to paint the booster cover pieces blue, using what we call the "Krider Blue" formula.  This blue uses a Rustoleum Metallic Purple / Duplicolor Anodized Blue and several coats of clear coat to really bring up the color.  Thankfully I bought a case of the Metallic Purple from a local retailer and still have two cans or so left!

I'll just let the pictures do all the talking and add notes to the captions....

I figure some of the silver may come off when the tape is removed...but that's easy enough to touch up.

Two coats of purple, waiting 15 minutes in between.  Spraying evenly until it looks "wet"

Then the blue 15 minutes later....two coats...

Here's where builders worry....THAT doesn't look blue!

Then a coat of DupliColor Clear Coat

Spray til it looks wet.  And yes, it will seem very un-nerving....but 24 hours later, it'll look great

4 coats later, left to dry overnight