Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Turning the resin boosters into functional parts!

Tonight I had some free time to do some more work on the booster rocket assembly.

After examining and identifying many of the pieces and where they belong, I started working on one subset at a time.  One of pieces I knew would be a challenge was the slide assembly.  The Pivot Shaft, which goes horizontally across, would be a piece I would need to either fabricate or go on a treasure hunt for something that would replicate its function and fit.

I managed to find some aluminum light duty binding posts.  They come in various lengths and 3/4 inch worked perfectly.  Since the holes were filled in, I could cut as big or small a hole as needed.  As it turned out, I found a 5/32 drill bit to be just right.

Next is making sure the pieces can slide into each other...and as luck would have it...no!   Note to self, don't get carried away painting so quickly!

 After some filing and sanding, away goes the paint!  I was very careful not to be too rough on the resin pieces, we sure don't want anything to break.  After a lot of trial and error, the piece fits.  

 And now, with both inner pieces filed and sanded to fit, with the threading binding posts installed on each.

A box full of machine screws of various sizes and head type arrived from McMaster Carr yesterday.  With that here, I can progress a bit further into this.  However, one of the big challenges is going to be the mountings, since the resin pieces, as molded, do not have the holes showing.  I also need to fabricate the "box" piece that goes inside the leg and the rockets attach to.

Many challenges ahead but this will be fun to see how much of the resin pieces I can use....and how many will require more inventive treasure hunting at the local hardware store!  We're in McGyver Mode!