Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another coat of paint and sanding the details

Today was another muggy day but I was able to put a few coats of paint on the outer skin.

Every 20 minutes I put a light coat on to avoid going too heavy or spray paint dribbling.

Next up on the sand and paint list is all the panels and doors...we can't have the white not match now, can we?

The parts that are labeled had the labels moved to the backside, so I can keep track of what goes where.  The plan is to sand the pieces with 800 grit sandpaper.  This will leave most of the white paint on there but remove a fair amount as well.  We aren't trying to sand down to the primer but smooth out the surface.  Most of the doors have various nicks and chips on them.  The area between the door trim and door surface will get some special attention so that when re-painted, they maintain the sharp edges.

It was slow work but I like how smooth the pieces are now.  The areas where the paint was chipped should paint up nicely.

The charging door panel has taken quite a beating  Sanded smooth, it will clean up nice
While sanding one of the doors I noticed that the door had separated some from the door trim.  A few dabs of JB Weld in the separated area, then clamped, should do the trick.  Tomorrow I'll sand down the excess pending....more painting!