Sunday, July 24, 2011

Star Wars Day at the Newport Cultural Center

Saturday was Star Wars Day at the Newport Cultural Center.  R2-D2 and I attended this event last year and appeared with the Mandalorian Mercs, a Bounty Hunter group.  

As it had been all week, it was extremely hot and humid outside.  Just loading and unloading R2 into the van got the sweat going.  Thankfully the Cultural Center is air conditioned.

The Mercs appeared first, with about 50-60 kids waiting to greet them.  R2 and I came in about 15 minutes later.

After posing for pictures, everyone headed to the conference room for Star Wars Trivia.  We ended the afternoon snacking on Wookie Cookies and thanking our hosts for having us over.

Mercs are set to head out and greet the crowd

Picture time

Yours truly, taking pictures