Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New England R2 Builders Summer Get-Together

Last weekend was our annual get-together.  I say "Annual" because we always manage to have one...sometimes a second one before the end of summer or fall!

Kevin Helmig hosted the event from his spacious new home in Amherst, NH.  That made for a 3.5 hour drive for me and others came from other impressive distances as well.  

The New England group really spans beyond that.  Many are in New York, Canada, New Jersey (What exit?  Sorry, old joke!) and points beyond.  We try to pick a date and location that works for everyone.  

Here's some pictures...

This is the prototype Lifter/Riser device for use in the dome for the periscope, life form scanner and potentially the light saber chucker!

Those incredible aluminum JAG rocket boosters

This is my second R2-D2 sporting some new modifications

The wood blocks keep the ankles locked in place.
The weather was hot, very very hot!  We had about 15-20 builders of various phases of build.  What's really great about our gatherings is we aren't walking around with pocket protectors, quoting the movie.  We all have a sincere, genuine passion to build the R2-D2 robot we all like from the movies.  Everyone has a favorite film, everyone has a different way of doing their build.  You learn so much when you can interact with other builders and see how they went about their droid, different materials and so on.  

I'm already looking forward to our next gathering!  We plan to work on our group plans to get to the Star Wars Celebration Six in Orlando, FL next summer!