Friday, August 12, 2011

Hospital visit & Fundraiser!

Thursday was a busy day for R2-D2 and I.

My friend, Charity, asked if we could pay a visit to her son and then participate in the Fundraiser Spaghetti Supper after.  Her 7 year old son was involved in a lawnmower accident that severed his foot.  

I've known Charity for a long time and she works at the same organization I do.  I told her we would be happy to do so!

I brought R2-D2 to work the night before, so we would ready to head straight over and visit her son after work.  The staff I work with has a few new employees, so they were thrilled to meet R2 after hearing all about it for weeks.

We went up and visited with the kids on Peds and then paid a visit to Charity's son.  She took some really great pictures and sent one to me to share on the blog.  (This is one of the rare, few photos I get to see of R2-D2 in action with a patient due to privacy laws)

After visiting for an hour, we got packed up, had Security help me lift R2 into the Odyssey and then drove to the VFW Hall in Old Town for the Spaghetti Fundraiser being held to benefit Charity and her family.

The place was PACKED.  Lot's and lot's of people!  An outstanding turn out!  With the help of some helpful strangers, we unloaded R2 and headed inside.  A very enthusiastic group was anxiously awaiting our arrival.

As always, the kids had a LOT of questions and requests ("Build me one!!")   I spent the next two hours maneuvering R2 around so kids and adults could pose for pictures and video clips.  I always wonder how many of those become profile pictures on Facebook!

Charity's family posed for pictures with R2-D2...

Over $7,000 was raised!

R2 ran very well, with the exception of a problematic center caster.  It seems the change I made in the foot drive caused a few minor headaches.  More on that later!