Monday, March 7, 2011

Overhauling R2-D2 begins

Today, the v5 JAG Frame I bought from another builder arrived today.  This is identical to what I bought for my second R2-D2 project.  

The frame is missing a few minor pieces, such as some spacers and dowel pings, but nothing I can't replace locally or on-line via McMaster-Carr.

Here's a bunch of pictures showing the assembly process from tonight.  More soon!

Here's what a JAG v5 frame looks like un-assembled

Bottom plate, the holes on the bottom have already been countersunk
Threaded studs in the front and back, side pieces bolted in.
Long vertical rods are in
Side pieces are in.  The big trick here is to make sure the shoulder stops are facing the right way
Top ring in
I saved one of these when Jerry offered them....fold out electronics tray for the frame
Mostly assembled now...

I haven't decided how "quickly" I will try to move things from my existing R2 into the new frame.  The electronics portion will be the most intense part.  But, I may just take my time making sure I have a good plan thought out before doing so.

Tomorrow I'll work on the rest of the frame, getting the battery holder installed with the correct spacers.