Sunday, February 13, 2011

Benefit for Don and Dora Winslow

Last night was the fundraiser benefit for Don and Dora Winslow.  Don used to be the Chief of Police here in Bangor and his wife Dora worked for the hospital.  Recently they were each diagnosed with cancer and their many, many friends wanted to do something to help.  The result was a huge benefit at the Morgan Hill Event Center in Hermon.  Many fantastic items were offered for auction and over 400 people came out to show their support and donate.

When the event was first announced, I offered to bring R2-D2, if they would like us there.  I have had many, many emails from people asking when R2 would be available outside of the hospital.  Since I keep to only charitable functions, this seemed perfect.  I checked with the organizers and they were thrilled with the offer.  

One hurdle was getting R2-D2 out of the house.  We have had several consecutive storms that left 4-5 feet of snow in the front yard.  Further complicating things, the snow blower died.  (The mechanism that engages the auger has sheared off.)  It took about 4 hours to shovel out a path wide enough to the front door.  The real challenge was by the roadside, where the wet snow had frozen solid, into ice.  Where's a light saber when you need one?

Once there, R2 mingled with the public and posed for a lot of photos.  I was amazed at the reactions, many had seen us on television or read about us.  Since this was an adult event, it was really neat to see all the girls hug and kiss R2-D2!  (R2 was also in high demand once the dancing started!)

Dora and Don Winslow sharing a dance

Sarah and R2 get their groove on