Thursday, March 10, 2011

New frame assembly continues

Over the past two nights I have been piecing together the new frame for my original R2.  As I mentioned, it has been thru two owners before landing here and as a result, some pieces are missing.

Today the spacers and dowels I needed arrived from McMaster Carr.  These are the spacers that go from the bottom frame ring to the bottom box as well as those that hold the utility arms.  I also ordered some dowel pins.

The one oddity has been the block that goes on the bottom of the battery plate, where the center ankle connects.  This isn't the original block, it doesn't even come close to the hole pattern on the plate.  On the left is what came with this frame, on the right is what came with the original v5 Frame for my other R2.

The solution will be to use the correct one as a template and drill & tap the 1/4 20 thread holes needed.