Friday, April 1, 2011

Uh-oh...Softpot fried...

The Softpot Rotary potentiometer was working so well...then...poof!

It looks like the plastic stylus may have been forced too close and the ripped the sensor pad.  

For the past several weeks I have been working on the software to read and work with the data.  The progress has been slow but steady...then when I went to resume work one evening, noticed the data being output was very erratic.  After removing the dome and checking the Softpot...well, you see the rips!

I did something a little different this time.  Instead of ordering from SparkFun, I bought two replacements from TrossenRobotics.  I was able to call them on their toll free number and immediately speak to a tech.  The way they sell theirs, you can purchase it with a female connector already attached or bare, with the 3 male tabs exposed for soldering.  They also include the coupler pins, so this time around, it will simply be a matter of plugging a servo cable soldering tiny tabs!


Replacements should arrive next week, then its a matter or carefully removing the old one and putting the new one in!