Friday, October 8, 2010

Some transportation upgrades!

Today I did some work on my Honda Odyssey, which I use for hauling R2-D2 to and from events.

One problem I have is that R2 "sinks" into the carpet and folded up seats.  Also, the lip from the floor to the rear door hatch makes fitting R2 inside a bit of a squeeze with the dome on.  I have opted to transport R2's dome in a padded Rubbermaid container to prevent any damage.  That solved the tight clearance, but lifting R2 up over that lip, then down 3 inches was still a hassle.

Here's how the back of the Odyssey and the rear hatch lip look...

I did some careful measuring and came up with a 56 inch by 48 inch rectangle would fit perfectly.  With some 2 x 3's under some 3/4 inch plywood, this should be quick work.

Once again, I turned to my local Lowe's for the pieces I would need.  They will cut to size for you, saving you tons of work...especially if you don't have a saw!

The plan is simple.  After measuring and checking where best to place the 56" beams, screw those in and add two more of the short pieces to reinforce where R2 sits.

Since we have a bit of a curve from where the wheel wells are, I placed each beam 6 inches inset.  I used 2 inch screws with the love/hate battery powered drill I have.  I love it's convenience but hate that the battery life is so poor.

While hardly something Bob Villa would take credit for, I completed piecing together everything...

Here's how it looks inside the Odyssey.

The blue tie-down is used to hold R2-D2 down by the center ankle.  

There's enough space in front of the plywood for the ramp I use to move R2 in and out of my house for a smooth roll in and out.  Before, it was a lot of grunt work to get R2 lifted up and onto the ramp.  Now it should be a much easier transition.

And, like everything else with this project, I am sure this will see some modification and improvements later!