Friday, October 8, 2010

Getting ready for the New England R2 Builders get together!

This Saturday is our final New England R2 Builders get together for 2010.  We're all spread pretty far apart but we all look forward to catching up.  Its fun to see what others have been up to with their builds and learn how they did certain things with their builds.

Tonight I'm doing some quick maintenance on R2-D2.  We're very busy so whenever we have some downtime, I like to check all the major assemblies and make sure all the nuts and bolts are snug and nothing has worked loose or fallen off.

With the major structure pieces looking good, I did some quick changes to R2's software and added some silicone lubricant on the cpu probe shaft.  I noticed it was binding on the plastic at times, since its metal on plastic.  With the lubricant, its much smoother now.

The road trip starts tomorrow!