Monday, September 27, 2010

Slip rings arrive

Today the two Slip Rings I ordered on the recent group order showed up.  

To buy these on my own, via a seller on eBay, they would cost $35 plus $30 shipping from China.  Multiply that by two and that's $130.  I have also tried other vendors in the USA and some were charging as much as $95 each.  At $35 each....with domestic shipping included, this was a huge savings.

If you are wondering what a slip ring is, it allows for electrical connections to work within a moving piece, much like a steering wheel's controls do.

This will allow me to route all power from the body into the dome, so the fuse block and battery can be removed eventually...which reduces weight.

The next part will be setting up what wire will do what, which I will get into another time.