Saturday, April 10, 2010

Installed door enclosure, premeasuring for SoftPot

Today I did some more work on R2.

A few months back, I ordered an aluminum enclosure for one of R2's panels.  This piece was originally intended for my new frame I am using on the second R2 I have under construction.  However, since I had such good luck modifying the charging port to fit in my original R2, I wanted to see if I could make this fit too.

What I like about the enclosure is that when the door is opened, its longer are you staring at R2's guts...batteries, cables, etc.

I drilled and tapped two holes in the frame for the piece to bolted in.  I had to trim the enclosure with a dremel cutting disc so that the servo linkages and hinges could swing open and shut.  I also have to trim  the side that is closest to the vents.  Otherwise I can not access the set screws that secure the vents.

Once I had this done, I wanted to measure the Softspot potentiometer on the top of the frame.  I have a few ideas but also need to plan for installing a slip ring, which allows for an electrical connection to exist between a spinning surface (similar to how the electronics work in your steering wheel).

Tomorrow I need to label all the servo cables then route them around the plastic cord organizers I installed.  

I'm also going to try buying some rubber gasket pieces that will go on each leg bolt...just another effort to dampen some of the vibrations from the legs and feet.

That's it for today!