Sunday, April 11, 2010

Routing and labelling servo cables

It was time to label and route the servo cables around the frame today.
With five servos in the front skins, it was important to label this mess!

A while back, I bought some wiring labels at Lowe's that seemed perfect for this job.  The long, nylon adhesive with the number all over it worked perfectly.  No change of a paper label ripping loose or magic marker/pen smudging off.

I had drilled out some 3/4 inch holes in the electronics tray so that the servo cables could route around and into the ServoCenter card.  I also used up several 12" and 18" servo extension cables in the process.  

Two issues have cropped up.

First, the charging port door will not close properly.  It needs some more tweaking for the hinge to fit.  I have no idea how I didn't spot this before...I suspect because the skins were only clamped on and not bolted in.

Second is the door below it.  Like the charging port door, its powered by a micro servo.  The servo horn for the micros are very, very small and thin.  I think I am going to have to upgrade each to regular size servos and be creative with the linkages, much like the computer interface arm.  Since the micro servo horn can not hold a pushrod like a normal servo, these will eventually fail in the configuration they are in now.

A minor setback....but I suspected they may not be the right part for the job when I installed them.

Tomorrow I'll extract those micro's out and size up a good place to install the regular servos and linkages.