Friday, April 9, 2010

Door panel servo install, new receiver and vents are back!

More progress to report!

This evening I made a servo bracket and mounted it inside the frame...

After a lot of careful experimentation, I hooked up what seems to be the best location for the servo horn.  Again I have opted to use an aluminum one that is longer than a standard servo horn.  Better leverage and works really well.

With that installed, I moved on to the next task, replacing the receiver.

The Spektrum radio I have is the 6DXi.  The receiver is the BR6000 robot receiver, which features failsafes.  Mine is an early edition and there was a problem with how the radio and receiver talk to each other.  It would take 5-9 minutes for my receiver to light up and "lock on" to the radio's digital signal.  In my research, I found that this is because the receiver is scanning so many channels.  

I had a chance to speak to someone from Spektrum technical support and they suggested moving up to a AR7600 receiver, which supports 7 channels.  This receiver will not only lock onto the transmitter right away, but work with my existing radio.  No need to ditch my 6 channel radio and buy a new one.  I just have one channel I can't use.

Following the instructions, I quickly went thru the binding process and had the new receiver working in under 5 minutes.  Now, no more long wait.  The connection is made right away.

The last thing I did this evening was get the center vents re-installed.  

It didn't go very smoothly as it was very slow work.  I had to file down portions of the surround plate before each fit into position.  I have the set screws set and they are clamped into position.

The center surround plate still irks me.  

On one hand, R2-D2 has been thru many space battles and does look a little worse for wear in the movies.  So, a dinged up piece probably fits right in.

And, on another, I would like to have some plastic material laser cut to the dimensions of this piece, paint and replace.  Plastic would be much more forgiving.

So...we'll see!

Here's where I am at now with R2...