Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Re-aseembled for more electronics work!

Tonight I put R2 back together now that the door repairs had been completed.

I got the door servos wired in using the FLAP and GEAR channels on my receiver. These have to be set at 125% throw for the doors to fully open and close snugly. However, this leaves the motors running, which seems to be throwing off my receiver. When I power on the foot motors, R2 is rather jittery. Once the FLAP and GEAR channels have been unplugged, everything returns to normal.

Asides that, I drove R2 around to see how the new batteries are working out. In a nutshell, FAST. Previously, I had little to no leg/ankle movement when moving around. Now I do, so I'll have to lock those into place.
The calibration I ran seemed to help with the controller, R2 isn't pulling to the right as bad now...but there is still somethings I can check out. It could be the drive belt needing some tightening. or perhaps a misaligned wheel.
Anyways, work on the dome continues, more later!