Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Door repairs!

Tonight I took yet another crack at repairing the tall doors that snapped off during the recent trip to New Hampshire.

The first time around, some JB Weld managed to seep between where the doors meet, near the hinge. The top of the door would open find but lower, it would bind. When you applied some light force to open the door, the JB failed, causing the door to break free of the hinge.

THIS time I taped the door into position and applied the JB carefully on the hinge piece, careful for seepage.

On the front door, as you can see from the photo, the JB simply fell off the inner door. Despite having sanded and wiped the surface down, looking at the JB, it doesn't appear to have really gripped into the aluminum. I cleaned all his off with he Dremel sanding wheel and wire brush accessory.

The spot where the mount attaches to the inner skin is thoroughly sanded again.

Here the JB is applied to the mounting block and skin, then clamped in. I then used the little bit extra JB Weld I had around the mount to reinforce it.