Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mounting the JEDI lights into the one piece Front Logic Surround

This evening I dedicated a few hours on figuring out how to mount the JEDI lights. I have the first version of the one piece front logic surrounds. One thing I noticed while lining up the holes in the JEDI lights was....well, they don't line up! And to make it even more fun, almost all of the holes sit right next to where I need to drill and tap new ones. Woohoo! Tricky drilling means more chances to screw up! =)

I used a Sharpee and with the JEDI lights snugly fit inside the opening, marked off the holes I would have to drill.

With the holes drilled and tapped only a few turns, I used some one inch 4-40 thread screws to carefully mount them lights in. First, using the supplied plastic pieces from the JEDI kit, I threaded the plastic nut all the way down the 4-40 screw. Then it was a careful job of, from the metal piece, lining up the clear lense, LED template, the screw spacers on into the screw. Once the screw was a few turns snug and tight into the surround, I rotated the plastic nut down until it was pressing on the PCB. Now the JEDI lights are held firmly in place.

Now here's the finished result...and sadly, my obvious boo-boo.
Yes, when drilling holes in delicate parts, be very very careful. I needed to make one hole a little bit deeper to accomodate the tap. Opps. I went all the way through. I'll patch this up with some solder and hope no one notices!

Next up, trying to mount it in the dome...since the piece is so large, there really isn't any way to bolt it into the inner dome. However, I have an idea for a bracket...which I'll try next time!