Saturday, August 8, 2009

Rear skins bonded, replaced dome drive motor

This afternoon I removed all the blue tape off the inner skin.

Below, you can see the skin drying....I used a cloth and some acetone to wipe down the surface. There was a lot of leftover dust on the surface despite the thorough wipedown. The acetone cleans up on the unpainted spots to assure a good bond with the adhesive. I did the same to the outer skin and let each dry in the sun and evaporate in the sin for an hour.

After everything was setup and ready, I laid out the outer skin. I used the 5 minute epoxy that mixes the expoxy in the long, spiral nozzle. I wasn't sure I would have enough but it wound up being just right. I worked quickly to line up the pieces and start clamping them together.

Because the expoxy is clear, I didn't notice a few spots that epoxy seeped through. Tomorrow I'll have to use the Dremel to clean up some spots that will not pry loose with a small razor or file. I debated between epoxy and JB Weld for weeks too. Ugh! Oh well, it should clean up well. Plus the skins are getting another coat of paint or two

While that was drying, I replaced the dome drive motor with a replacement motor, made by the same company. Its longer than the previous motor but works into the mounting fine.

The one issue I had was that the bottom of the motor made contact with the 2-3-2 drive system. After I lowered the linkage a few inches, I was able to fit the new dome drive motor just fine. And it is very, very fast!