Sunday, August 9, 2009 seemed like a good idea...rear skin booboos and rear panel progress

Well, it SEEMED like a good idea.

Using the 5-Minute Epoxy went well, overall. However, since it was clear, I didn't see where it had seeped through until I started removing clamps.

In hindsight, I should have used JB Weld. Any excess is easy to see and wipe down.

As a result, I used a Dremel with a stainless steel brush to clean up the excess. (The same thing I have been doing for the rear panel.) After I was done, the skins were a bit of a mess...

This dremel bit is outstanding for cleaning up dried up adhesives like JB Weld and epoxy. At $3.08 at Lowe's, they are worth grabbing two or three of!

The rear panel is completely cleaned up now. Now the last remaining detail frames have to be glued on, do whatever cleanup is required...then prime and paint!

The rear skins are in the garage, drying...they were sanded cleaned and just primed an hour ago. Tomorrow, we'll start putting white paint on them again!