Tuesday, August 4, 2009

JB Welding the rear panel inner and outer skins together

Today was the day I bonded the outer and inner skins for the back panel together. However, before I could do so, I realized I had made a painting boo-boo...I painted what I would need to adhere. Opps!

With some 80 grit sandpaper and a mouse sander I sanded off the white paint and primer. After a quick clean up, I now have two bare metal surfaces to JB Weld together.

This was the part I have dreaded for weeks...putting all that JB Weld on the outer skin piece. I was slow and methodical using a popsickle stick, dribbling a thin line and a thicker one as needed.

Here's the outer skin with the JB Weld all applied....

....and here is the end result. I carefully laid the pieces together, eyeballed the right spot, using the horizontal lower panels to judge and slowly started clamping pieces together.
I had to lay the panel on top of a box while applying the clamps, so that the skin wouldn't be resting on clamps and push anything out of alignment.

I'll let this cure overnight and as I have done with the door pieces, use the Dremel metal brush to remove the excess JB Weld. Once that is done, the door and top trim pieces will go on.