Monday, July 27, 2009

Working on the rear skins, getting the doors ready

Trying to keep the progress rolling, I started working on the rear skin panels.

I decided I want the rear, tall doors to be able to be opened. I would like to use them to access electronic switches and such.

Here's the skins....I have already had the door panel cut out. I just need to remove the door pieces and put some epoxy on the horizontal slat on the left.

Door panels are out, I have the door trim pieces clamped to the trim below. I'll use a pencil to trace the perimeter, this way I know where to apply JB Weld.

And here we are, two doors are thoroughly clamped together with JB Weld applied. In the background, on the lower left, I have also applied JB Weld to the laser-cut outline of the slat, this way it will not pop off in the future.

Tomorrow I'll clean up the any excess JB Weld on the doors and get them ready for prime and paint.