Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rear skins get some primer and paint

With the JB Weld dry on the rear doors, I gave them a quick clean up and got everything ready for priming and sanding.

The weather cooperated by being in the 80s and SUNNY (we've had an amazing streak of rain here in the North East USA).

I used two coats of etching primer 20 minutes apart...

After using some 400 grit sandpaper of a few rough spots, on went the Satin White...

After adding another coat 2 hours later, I let them dry in the sun then brought the pieces inside. I'll leave these alone for 24 hours.

With any luck, tomorrow I'll work on bonding the inner and outer rear skins together using JB Weld. I may have to sand off some of the paint I put on today....but that's alright. We'll see!
Progress continues!