Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More rear skin painting, JB Welding the back piece

More painting today...the outer rear skin and the backside of the doors and back panel got a few coats this afternoon....

Tomorrow I'll sand the outskin piece and give it another coat or two of white.
Once I had that done, I had to tape up and JB Weld the panels that will not be removed. This way they stay in place...Mokey decided to beat the heat and hang out in the nice and cool basement while I worked.
We tape the front side so that the JB Weld will dry flush with the rest of the panel. Otherwise, it would seep through and be a real mess. 3M Painter's tape works superbly for this...anything else leaves a gooey residue behind.

I ran out of JB Weld, the large piece used a lot more than I thought....

More tomorrow!