Friday, June 26, 2009

Trying out the Robart hinges and servos

I managed, after a great deal of trial and error, to get my Spektrum DX6i radio and the BR6000 receiver "bound". The BR6000 doesn't come with much of a manual, just a sheet of paper explaining the process.

The big problem I had is the manual talkes about a male bind plug, yet they include a female one.

Also, the manual and paperwork with the receiver both instruct you to wait for a green light while binding the receiver and transmitter. There ISN'T a green light! Just an amber one, that once it goes solid, is ready to go.

Worse, I bought the switch they reccomend and got a faulty one that doesn't work. I certainly can't rave about their quality...they have made getting started very difficult. Next time, I'll pay extra and go Futaba or someone else.

Consider that my informal review on Spektrum equipment. ( If you like a lot of hassle, poor documentation and abysmal customer service, these guys are for you! )

With that said, I bought some threaded push rods and some worked on seeing how I could link up the door to a servo.

Hindsight note: Check servo and hinge alignment before mounting the hinges. I wish I had mounted my hinge a few inches higher.

After playing with the radio's adjustments for the landing gear switch, I got the servo and radio talking. Below, while holding the camera and radio in one hand, bracing the servo in's my early progress...

This servo has 47 ounces of torque. Clearly I will need to make a bracket to mount it into. I will also have to fine due the servo head some as well.

Its not a pretty connection and I am sure I could have done a lot of things better....but not bad for a first try!