Thursday, June 25, 2009

Working on servo mounts, setting up electronics

Over the past few nights I have been sorting out where the servos will mount inside the body for the recently installed body doors.

One thing a few people have suggested is a servo bracket, since you do not want to use anything that might work loose. Anything working itself out of position can throw off the alignment, so doors may not open smoothly or not close all the way, etc.

I was playing with some leftover aluminum scrap from the aluminum skins and just using a tin snipper and pliers made something rough like this...

Granted the corners would look a whole lot better if I had a brake to produce those sharp, 90 degree edges. But that's the rough idea...I'm still toying with some ideas.

I also hit up the local remote control airplane shop and purchased some items I need to get things rolling. A receiver battery, battery charger, pushrods, another servo and servo wire extensions (12 inches). Once the battery has charged overnight, I can set the receiver and transmitter up (bind).

This is the fun stuff....once I have these working, its on to work on linking the servo to the hinge!