Saturday, June 27, 2009

Adding a hinge & making a servo bracket

Last time I learned that I didn't plan my hinge location well.

This time, I clamped the skins back on and traced where a "good" spot would be to place a third hinge.

As I had last time, I prepped two hinges. I found using tin-snippers worked AWESOME to cut the hinge. I also drilled a small hole for where the servo push-rod would go. (Much easier to do when not mounted in the skins!)

I sanded smooth where I wanted to place the hinges and traced around the hinge, marking where to glob the JB Weld Kwik.

And the JB Weld Kwik is applied and drying.

While that is drying, I am experiementing with some angle metal (aluminum) I bought at Lowe's. I wanted to see what kind of bracket I could fashion out of this material.

After using both a jigsaw and hacksaw to fashion a quick, make shift bracket.

I used some 4-40 screws and despite some messy holes, everything bolts into place.
Always use a hole punch! And if possible, a drill press. Despite my best efforts, the drill bit wandered around on me.

And here's another shot. Ideally, after some careful measuring, the bracket would be JB Welded to the skin.
I would really like to use a thicker material that allows for a bracket with threaded holes. But we'll see how this works when clamped into position tomorrow.