Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Knurled fittings nut plate

Tom D. gave me a great gift at the gathering last weekend that I finally had a chance to try out.

He fabricated a piece that goes inside the battery boxes where the knurled fittings go. There is no room up there for a full sized nut. However, he crafted a small piece that will fit in there that is threaded for the knurled fittings.

Here's some photos...knurled fittings in battery box...

These are the pieces he created...I'm not sure what to call them...lock nut plate?

Lock nut plate inside the battery box...make sure the threaded side for the fitting is facing out.

Knurled fittings screwed into the nut plate...

Now the fittings are in place, no need to silicone or adhere anything