Sunday, June 7, 2009

Filing skins and cleaning up doors after JB Weld

Today was a nice day to sit on the steps with the portable DVD player. (Sorry, I wasn't viewing Star Wars but rather some Star Trek Voyager episodes!)

The outer skins I cut up last week had a lot of tabs that needed to be filed down.

The doors needed some JB Weld cleanup. I tried removing the dried excess with a razor blade but it just wasn't doing anything. I was just scratching up the surrounding aluminum.

I remembered using a brush from the accessory kit I bought with my dremel a few years ago. I couldn't remember which worked best tho.

After a little experimentation between plastic and wire brushes, I found the wire one worked the best. After slowly going over the edges of the excess JB Weld, I let the brush lightly clean the rest of the aluminum.

After letting the piece cool off, I wiped it clean with some water and a towel. After drying and re-checking the edges, it will be ready for priming soon!
On to the other doors!