Monday, June 1, 2009

Aluminum Skin set #2 work...

While I have plastic skins on my second R2 right now, I plan to put aluminum ones on. I intend to have the new JAG hinges on it so I had to make sure I cut out the appropriate panels on the inner skin.

The very fine laser cuts on the skins can be very tricky to remove. A few of the builders on suggested a small chisel to do the job. And it works very well! Simply line up on the laser line and simply apply force...slight rocking side to side helps too. Make sure you are on a wooden surface!

After a few minutes of chisel work, I have the inner front skin done.

Of course, some good ole filing remains to clean up the tabs...

Next up was the front skins.
I started using the ole hacksaw blade. But since I was at Kevin Helmig's place and he has tons of fantastic air tools, I accepted his offer to hack away with a jigsaw. What would've taken a good 30 minutes was done in 5. You have to be VERY careful with air tools like that, making sure not to overcut!

With the panel pieces trimmed and cleaned, I used some JB Weld to adhere the panels and trim pieces together.

Next up will be to clean up the excess JB Weld from the panels. Do so when it is wet just smudges it around.
More soon!