Sunday, April 19, 2009

Re-painting A&A parts, messed up the center vent panel

Today I work up with a killer headache...working with adhesives that put out strong fumes can do that!

Once I slept the headache off, I decided to salvage the day and fix up a boo-boo I made yesterday. While on my final coat of blue paint, an insect decided to land on the edge of the piece. By time I came back and noticed it, the insect had completed its kamikazie mission and become a part of the piece. I tried to remove it very carefully, but it took a one inch piece of the paint with it.

Now I've acetoned, sanded, painted and re-painted the aluminum parts more times than I wish to confess to. However I was concerned acetone might harm the plastic.

Well....only one way to find I started in on it...

After about 30 minutes of using a cloth soaked in acetone, the paint is finally all gone. The one hassle was the lint from the cloth seemed to stick to the pieces. I got most of it off after washing and filing off the remaining blue paint off the outside edges.

Now that that part is prepped and ready to go, on goes a coat of Krylon primer for plastics (2 coats)...

Next up is two coats with Rustoleum Deep Purple Metallic (7255)...15 minutes apart...

Next up, the Dupli-Color Anodized Blue ( #MC201 )...again, two coats. Best way to judge how much is the part should look wet all over. 15 minutes between coats.

After two coats of Clear Coat, the part is all set to go. It just needs 24 hours to cure.
No suicidal insects this time around!