Sunday, April 19, 2009

Attaching more skin panels, debating which adhesive

Today I decided to also tackle attaching a few more panels to the plastic skins.

One thing I am noticing with contact cement is that while it takes a bit longer to dry, when it does, any excess looks like dried up mustard. Its too bad because for the spots it doesn't ooze out from, it goes on nicely...its thick, not watery.

Here you can see I've attached two panels and have them can also see the 'Grey Pupon' oozing out the edges...

One of the gentlemen at the hardware store swears by this Goo Gone stuff, which comes in a spray gel. I'll have to see how this works at removing the excess.

Here's where I am at tonight...

After using contact cement and experimenting with the Model Glue for Plastics, I'm going to buy a few tubes of the Testor's model glue. At least that has a very small nozzle, dealing with the smaller pieces won't be as hard as it is now.
More work planned for tomorrow!