Saturday, April 18, 2009

More A&A skin work..cleanup and mounting

Today I spent some more time working on getting the A&A skins ready to mount on the frame. First up was cleaning them...Windex works nicely!

One of the biggest problems I had...wiping off the cat hair. Thanks to the static charge or something, cat hair just loves to stay on these things!

As you can see in the above picture, there is some plastic debris remaining that needs to be removed. So, while most of the tabs can be popped out with a fingernail, you still want to file anything remaining smooth...

My next tough challenge was how to glue the skins together.
Since the outer skins are slighly longer than the inner, in order to fit in layers on R2's body, you can't simply lay them on top of each other and glue.
Unlike the aluminum skins, which are rigid and can stand up, the plastic ones are not. What I decided to do was mount them on the frame. I drilled holes in the skins so they mount to the frame.
I had another issue to worry about...which adhesive? Superglue would be too fast and an excess would be very difficult to remove from the skin.
I decided to go with contact cement. I also bought a set of paint brushes for the areas that are harder to reach.

Here's where I am at now...I decided to start gluing and work my way from one side to the other. Contact cement gives you a minute or two to dab it where you need, then try to clamp as best you can. Its not easy, since there are a lot of areas you can't reach with the frame in the way. We'll see how this comes out.

I already have a few spots that need clean-up, but its a start.