Monday, April 20, 2009

More skin work, with the right glue!

Today was Patriot's Day, which is a day off for many of us who observe it up here in New England.

Between gym, errands and chores, I resumed work on the skins.

I unclamped the outer skin from the right side, so I can access the portions that need gluing. You have to be careful how far you open them, if you hear crackling sounds, you've got some re-gluing to do!

I used the Elmer's Model & Hobby cement, since it doesn't have a nozzle/applicator, I put some on some plastic wrap and used a thin paintbrush to apply it.

Glue applied, time to clamp for an hour...

While that was drying, I surfed the web for local retailers that sell good ole Testor's model cement. I was amazed that the local Super WalMart didn't carry it. After checking places like Target and KMart out, A.C. More had it!

With the right glue I glued some of the lower panels. As you can see, its tough finding a spot to apply clamps on some of these areas. (Kind of why I dread doing the rear skins on both the plastic and aluminum skins!)
You can also see there's some residue there on the left side panel. It should clean up easy enough.

And here's where I am at tonight....I'm finding all kinds of boo-boos no one else would ever notice...but ah well!