Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More skin work, center ankle details and the quest for magnets!

Another day off so I used it to do some more work on R2.

I've been meaning to work on the center ankle and the details pieces for quite some time. I finally remembered what I was missing to complete them and picked up some a few days ago. Now they are bolted into place and look pretty sharp...

And now, placed on the center foot, you get the idea...

While out and about, I thought I would try to find some magnets that could be threaded onto a machine screw. The side vents need a way to be mounted in place and another builder suggested such a method. The problem is, the hook-type do not unthread. The type with the clips have a hole, but not in the magnet itself. Grrrr. More on this challenge another time.

And finally, I glued the center vent piece. It was real tricky to get in and clamp in....small clips and lots of popsickle sticks are your friend!