Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Styrene Pocket Vents

I've started working on the pocket vents that came with the A&A Skins.

Its been ages since I played with little plastic pieces and glue. And its starting to bring flashbacks of all those model kits I couldnt wait to build....but had no patience for!

However....I'm trying.

For these small pieces, I am going to wind up buying the brush-applicator model glue. My fingers are layered in Testor's Model Cement from the tube!

Here's how things looked the other night, starting out...

Here's where I am tonight. I have the pocket pieces glued, some of the slats and I have clamped to the face plates up. This way, in a few days, they'll have the proper curve to glue things up.

I'm trying really hard to not make a mess with the glue.
I'm curious how well the chrome spray paint will match up with the aluminum version of this part! Time will tell.
That's all for tonight.