Saturday, August 9, 2008

Working out the spin lines on the R&J Dome

About a week ago I posted on the Astromech forums about my battle with the spin lines in my dome. Several builders chimed in with how they resolved the issue...some used palm sanders, mouse sanders, orbital sanders or 3D sanders. Since I have both a mouse sander and an orbital, I decided to buy a bunch of 80, 120 and 220 grit paper and go at the dome with tools! Previously I had only hand sanded.

Here's our "before picture"...

7 minutes later, the orbital sander made a popping sound and stopped working. I am guessing it overheated. So, I slapped the orbital sander paper onto the mouse sander and continued....and it turns out, between the two, the mouse sander works best!

Here's the results of this afternoon's sanding...I only went half way up as that's where the deep lines are. Tomorrow I'll sand with 120 and 220 to bring the finish to a uniform look/texture....

Once my hand stops buzzing, I may go around one more time with 80 grit!

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