Saturday, August 9, 2008

Power switch, servo extension wire, push rod and connectors!

One of the pieces that my Spektrum receiver is missing is wiring. Namely a power cord or switch system like most have. After some research, we figured out that the Spektrum uses the 3 wire type connections.

Now, as pictured below, the item on the left gives me a power switch to power off and on the receiver. I simply cut the power leads to go into my power distribution board, which has a 5 volt RC output. Or, if I want to use a central switch that cuts all electronics power, as most do, I can just use the servo extension cable. Simply clip the end and wire it to the power distribution board.

Why buy both? Just to have the option.

While at the hobby store, I noticed a display that had huge assortments of pushrods and connectors. Having recently read about how others are actuating doors and dome panels, I thought these would be good to have for that application later on down the road.

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