Sunday, June 22, 2008

Rear skin work and Door Trim fix

Well I tried to make the most of a nice Sunday. Thunderstorms are sweeping in now so I have had to cut short my day. I was really on a roll too!

One of the first things I had to fix was one of the large doors. There is not a lot of overhang for the panel itself to glue into the trim piece. I had one area where the silicone coverage wasn't very good. I squeezed in some Super Glue and clamped the problem area.

The rear skins is something I have dreaded for a long time. The way the front skins clamp together is quite easy. However the rear skins do not have nearly as many openings as the front, so when it comes time to adhere them together, I will have to be quite creative.

But that is a problem for another day. Today I simply wanted to work on all the trim pieces and file them down and get them ready for priming. I will paint them once they are attached...I think. I still haven't sorted out the best method in my mind yet (Help! Victor! Mike! Chris!)

As you can see below, I tried to remember to label everything before I removed it. And, you can see the little notches I'm filing smooth...

I had done the outer rear skin a few weeks ago, but just in case, I went over a few spots that looked to be in need...

And then it was time to lay them all out...and put on a mask, so I don't wind up with white nose hairs again!

I used the Rustoleum white primer (Bare Metal Primer). I gave it a gentle spray, waited 20 minutes then gave it another coat. This primer goes on nicely and covers the metal quite nicely by time you have the second coat on.

I'm out of 400 grit sandpaper but that's what I will use in a few days to smooth out any bumps and imperfections.
With those guys done and drying...see my next blog entry...because I kept right on going!

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