Sunday, June 22, 2008

Skirt work and figuring out the battery harnesses

Two years ago I used JB Weld to adhere the "slabs" that hang on the outside of R2's skirt piece. What I forgot to check was if any of the slabs hung below the bottom piece. The first time I set R2's body down, I heard "clang clang clang clang" if I had pulled a "Lucky 7" on a slot machine. In short, all the metal slabs popped off, leaving behind lots of JB Weld.

I have since fixed the front part of the skirt, by drilling holes into the skirt, drilling and tapping a hole in the slabs and bolting them in from behind. I also used a cutting disk to make sure all the slabs were level with the bottom of the skirt. I have not finished the back part, which you see in the picture below. I have drilled out the holes so that once the JB Weld stripes are gone, I know how to precisely line up the pieces. (Every now and then I have a good idea!)

I initially started with a 90 grit sanding sponge. It was the perfect size and did well for a while, then it started to crumble apart on me. So I took the skirt off the lower frame ring and went at it with the mouse sander.

God bless the mouse sander! This made really quick work of the JB Weld. I also decided mid-way through to completely sand the lower ring, and the skirt, so both could be primed and painted. (I forgot that the bottom of the droid is rather visible in three leg mode! )

So here's the end result of some 220 grit on the pieces...

As with the skin pieces, I used two coats of the Rustoleum white primer ("Clean Metal"). I seem to have a small divot on one slab that should cover up with some paint later on. I must have over drilled a hole when I tapped it.

And finally, I had a riddle going on for a few days.

Sometimes when we order parts from members, we just leave them in their zip-loc baggie, put them away and ask how they go together later.

Such was the case with the Battery Harnesses. I knew what had to be painted blue and did so a few weeks ago. But I had no idea how the bottom piece was supposed to fit. Thankfully, once again, Victor Franco saved my sanity by showing me how its supposed to all go together.

Now that I know how it should go together, I'll wait a few days and sand away some paint and JB Weld the pieces into the battery box.

Building, for me, is like a battle. Once you've made some serious gains, its time to stop, regroup and attack again!

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