Saturday, June 28, 2008

Battery Harnesses and found some liquid latex paint masking

First and foremost, I hate silicone.

No matter what brand, type, model or mix I buy, I manage to get the lousy batch. Call it karma. It hates me, I hate it. Those are the rules and I'm fine with it!

Others have used GE brand with great success. Mine did not. The Liquid Nail did an "alright" job but I had so much "re-do" to do after, I wish I had used something else. Loctite had worked decently on another part, so I decided to give that a go for the battery harnesses.

One of my first concerns was how the battery harnesses lay on the battery box. Only two portions make contact, the top piece and the bottom "U" piece. Being that the piece will stand up vertically, plus being an aluminum piece which has some weight to it, I just am not 100% certain silicone will be able to stand up to the rolling jolts R2 will take.

So, viva the experiment! I've decided to silicone the top pieces onto the battery box and give it 48 hours to cure. If it seems secure, I'll silicone the bottom piece on and do the second box.

I put a healthy dab on the top piece....

...and then made sure they were flat, flush and gently dabbed away the excess. I wasn't too worried about getting it all, it will peel off easily enough when dry.

While that stuff was drying, I went off to my local Hobby Store that's served me so well as of late. Warren, the owner, stocks so many awesome parts, it was no suprise he had the liquid latex material I have seen Victor mention.

For being out in the middle of no where, sometimes this guy lucks out!

One thing I noticed is that the inside of the power couplers are "beveled", so I'll be using a good deal of this masking stuff to paint all the right areas.

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