Monday, June 30, 2008

Coin slots arrive for droid 2, adhesive check on skirt and battery harnesses

Today the coin slots for my second R2-D2 arrived today. Thanks to Oscar for producing these!

Next up was seeing how well the Loctite Silicone worked. As you can see below, it survived my "tug test".

With that 48 hour cure time behind me, I figured I would silicone the bottom portions. I put a dab under the strap piece itself, then put a dab all over the bottom of the battery box. With that done, I basically mushed the "U" piece into place. Its a bit messy, but will be easy enough to trim away the excess in 48 hours. When I have a bit more free time, I'll start on the other battery box and silicone those battery harnesses into place.

My inspection of the Skirt slabs left me with a "Well whadya know" kind of expression on my face. This super-quick-drying-adhesive was still wet around the outside of the part. However, the clamping seems to have helped, along with the 48 hour cure time. The slabs seem to stay in place. The big test will be once I file down the tops to be flush with the skirt. (I suspect slabs will pop loose, especially those front two)

I used the end of a thin file to scrape up some of the larger hope being that if the puddle is thinned out, it will congeal/dry/magically go away!

That's it for tonight...til next time!

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