Saturday, June 28, 2008

Attached the rear skirt slabs

Today I took on a few small projects.

First up was attaching the rear skin slabs to the skirt. My intention was to drill and tap in the the slabs but I had some LocTite adhesive I wanted to try out.

As per the directions, I took some 60 grit sandpaper and roughed up the smooth surface of the slabs.

Then I started using the syringe to apply the adhesive and gently place it on the skirt.

However, the adhesive sets so fast, by the third slab, it had dried and clogged the syringe. So I had to cut away the syringe tip until I could get some flow out of it again. Sadly, then resulted in some over-application of the adhesive, as you can see below....

I cleaned some of it up 30 minutes later once it had hardened up some, but it was still very much in a syrup-like texture. I also noticed the two middle pieces were not sticking very well, so I found some large clamps and put those on. I'll leave that overnight and hope that makes it set into position. (I originally drilled out the holes in the skirt and as you can se below, mis-measured two. I'll have to fill that in with something then paint over it.)

I'm not a big fan of adhesives on metal, but if this works, I'll file the top pieces flush with the skirt. If these things just do not work out, its either JB Weld or go with the original thought....drill and tap.

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