Thursday, June 26, 2008

Found a great deal on a Spektrum DX6i

After checking out online retailers for quite some time, I decided to call my local hobby store about his prices on the Spektrum DX6i setup. According to Spektrum, he's an authorized retailer. I spoke to him on the phone and his price for the full setup was cheaper than RobotMarketPlace and other on-line shops. Their price was $179 + Shipping and Handling. His was $164. He also gave me a discount on other items I'd need in the future. While there, I also picked up a 47 ounce ST47BB JR Sport Servo. He suggested that model as they would work perfectly in the Spektrum receiver.

That's what I call local service!

There's a bunch of other things I'll need, such as the receiver power cord, on/off power switch and other things. And he is going to order up a BR6000 receiver that is the preferred receiver for this system, as it has the failsafe on all channels.

So for under $200, I have a small step in controlling R2-D2. I would have loved to have spent more but I had other parts I am committed to. You know how it many great things to buy, so little play money!

Also, this model came with the charger and rechargeable batteries included.

Now its time to crack open the manual and do some reading. After enduring this terrible stomach flu yesterday and today, sitting back and reading sounds fine. If I feel really wild, I'll try eating more than toast and applesauce today! Hopefully the icky feeling and muscle aching will subside by tomorrow....hope none of you folks catch this bug!

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