Sunday, May 25, 2008

Skin Painting!

Well we all know how much paint likes me and today was another chapter in the love-hate relationship. The paint made the first strike. Using a Rustoleum spray paint pistol grip, for whatever reason, I got a silly-string type blast on most of the skins and my shoe. I did everything right, made sure everything was shaken, aligned and did a few test sprays. Somehow, the pistol grip lever hit the spray nozzle at an odd angle and just spit a huge blob. Joyous!

After removing the pistol grip and shaking my angry fist at the heavens, I proceeded.

Here's the skins with the first coat of Rustoluem White Primer.

Somehow an errant spider decided to join in on my distress.

That spot as well as the coinslot areas will need some more cleanup. When I put the skins together, the top was flush but for some reason, the coin slots have always been a bit off. I'll have to file out the excess material another day.

After an hour I put a second coat of primer on. Then, another hour later, I did a quick once over with some 400 grit sandpaper. After a detailed wipe down, I then put a first coat of Satin White on. I'm a little concerned about the way the paint is filling in the panel area between the lower utilty arm and the top of the vent.

Again, I waited an hour and gave another coat of the Satin White. With the temperature starting to drop, that will be all the painting the skins get for the day.

Here's how they look now...assuming no "grey" spots and a good white fill, I'll call it good.

If the weather is decent tomorrow, its time to sand and put another coat of white on the legs, feet and ankles!

Off to follow the NASA Channel and see the latest on the Phoenix Mars lander!

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